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Having a business and showcasing your business can be a daunting task. We at KOBBAA GROUP are here to assist you in showcasing your business and product(s) to the world. We not only show case your business, we help in designing brochures and flyers that will send the right message to the right customers
If you are thinking we already have a website, contact us today and let us see how we can make your site cross browser compatible. Also, lets add a little sparkle to your site and make customers linger a lot longer on your site.
We don't just create a website for you, we personify it and have it spread the word for you and your business.
We at KOBBAA GROUP want to assist your company in keeping up with recent trends in technology - especially the technology that matters to you. We will look at your current site and propose enhancements that could boost your business.
To summarise what we do, ~ WE POINT THE WORLD TO YOUR DOORSTEPS ~ 

It is not enough for your company to have just a web presence anymore. Customers want the ability to interact with you via your website. For some customers, your website is the first point of contact for them and your business and the website should be able to cater for queries from such customers. It is time to turn your website into a web application.
Wondering what web applications are? Some examples include, shopping carts, online questionaire and surveys, FaceBook and many more. You do not have to mimic existing web applications. Talk to us today and we can work together to determine the uniqueness of your business and bring that to life within your web application.
Do you have a business process that you would like to see accessed via the web? We at PENNY DEV Limited can bring this to reality. And yes, if you are thinking of integrating your web site with a social media site like FaceBook, we can offer you and your business a chance at this opportunity.
Converting your website into a web application has never been easier. With advancement in technology , we can have you running in just a couple of weeks at least.

We now offer web hosting for our numerous clients. This has been in the pipeline for quite sometime now and we are sure some of our clients are glad we have taken this step. Now, KOBBAA GROUP can be your one-stop company for all your web creation and hosting enquiries.
We now offer different web hosting plans as well. Make sure you request a quote from us when you contact us.
We can offer you a plan that beats your current hosting provider along with email services and databases. Let us know what price plan you are currently on and we will give you a better quote.
You do not need to worry if you have to move from your current hosting provider as we will assist to make this process as smooth as possible.

MResearch has shown that in recent years, the number of transactions conducted on mobile devices have increased. This include website access, internet banking and social media sites. Almost everyone has at least one mobile device on them as they move around their daily business.
What does this mean for your business? This means you have to ask yourself certain questions:
I. Is my/our website mobile friendly?
II. Can my/our business processes be tailored specifically for mobile devices?
III. Do I/we require secure and remote access to corporate applications?

and much more. We want to see your customers carry your business around with them on their mobile devices.
We at PENNY DEV Limited can turn your existing business processes into applications that can run on mobile devices. We have created e-commerce apps for the iPhone, displayed RSS feeds from a customers site within the iPhone and built interactive educational games linked to FaceBook.
It does not matter if you do not have any existing applications or processes. All you need is an idea. Have you got an idea you want to see developed into a mobile application? Come, talk to us today and lets see how we can make history with that idea.

We at KOBBAA GROUP Limited are committed to seeing your business grow and expand and this is why we have this proposition for you:
Thinking of implementing a new technology within your organisation and you do not have the know-how to carry this out? We can assist you by researching into the technology, assessing your existing technology in use and then create a report showing you how implementing this technology can affect or boost your business.
We love research as most of our ground breaking frameworks developed by us have been feasible via research and development.
Remember, you do not need to have any development work before you contact us. Just let us know where you see your company and we will assist in finding out how you can get there. 

We do not leave our clients without the technical know-how to use their bespoke applications. We offer this as a free service to our numerous clients. Also, all our applications come with full documentation enough to get another developer working on it should you decide to do this.
We do not just train on software we develop, we also offer training and seminar on software you would love to see in use within your organisation. We cannot over stress the fact that your gowth and expansion is our number one priority and if we need to learn an application so we can show you how to use it with ease, then we will do this for you.
Also, we cherish young talents. We are looking at working with young talents with a passion for applications development. We can, with our expertise, guide them and assist them in choosing the right path. We do not claim to know everything, we just claim to assist in bringing young talents up to become great developers.
To summarize, ~ WE BUILD, WE TRAIN, YOU EXCEL ~ 

Just in case you were wondering, "We do not need either a web or mobile application", then we have just the product for you.
We develop bespoke desktop applications for your business with a view for future expansion. All our desktop applications have been designed to be extended to both the web and mobile platforms. This is our core skill.
We can confidently say that a lot of the systems we have designed and developed in the past have been desktop applications. Though, many of our clients are extending their products to the web and also mobile platform.
There is no need to rush with us or feel left out. We understand that some of these decisions to extend applications to the web and mobile platform can be a big step for your company. This is why we have different plans to help you roll out any changes and not deploy solutions at once.
However, if you do have a web and/or mobile applications, a desktop application can still be a higher stepping stone for your business. We can develop, test and deploy applications with specific functions or to monitor both the web and mobile systems. This means, while within 0

Mobirise gives you the freedom to develop as many websites as you like given the fact that it is a desktop app.

Publish your website to a local drive, FTP or host on Amazon S3, Google Cloud, Github Pages. Don't be a hostage to just one platform or service provider.

Just drop the blocks into the page, edit content inline and publish - no technical skills required.

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