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We are an ICT company dedicated to improving the services and work flow of small, medium and large organisations. We offer a range of services to our numerous clients and we pride ourselves in realising effective solutions.
We have been simplifying processes for organisations for quite sometime now so, be rest assured we know what we are doing.



We are not limited by technology. We have assisted numerous clients while using their existing technology. We are robust and able to integrate with multiple systems to suit your need. Our website is cross browser c+ompatible.

Built for the Responsive Web

We follow the trend so we can stay relevant and our solutions are cutting edge. The use of mobile devices in accessing content has seen a rise in recent years. We ensure you know what it takes to cater for this change and build solutions in anticipation of such changes.

Mobile Friendly

All sites Developed by KOBBAA GROUPS are mobile-friendly. You have a special mobile version of your site.

Affordable, effective and simply stunning

At KOBBAA GROUP Web Design, we understand what it takes to build websites that not only perform great on Google but also captivate visitors, help maximize business potential and accelerate profits. 


Responsive Website 



A full service website development studio


• High-end Unique Web Designs
• Professional Content Creation
• Proven SEO Search Results
• Expert WordPress Development
• WordPress Webmaster Services
• Website Management Services

• Commission Junction Management
• Custom App Development
• Website Disaster Recovery
• Custom Ecommerce Solutions
• Press Release Creation


• Website Relocation Services
• Online Reputation Management
• Digital Asset Evaluations
• Social Network Management
• Google AdWords Management

• High Resolution Print Graphics
• Corporate Branding & Logos
• Dynamic FLASH Applications
• 3D Product Representations
• Digital Stationery Creation

We are dedicated to providing excellent service

Shape your future web project with sharp design and refine coded functions

At KOBBAA GROUP Web Design, our goal is your satisfaction. We work hard to build great websites, but even harder to build great relationships. Our team focuses on providing truly excellent service by delivering the industry’s most innovative solutions through stunning corporate-grade graphics, W3C standards-based source code and white-hat SEO strategies.

KOBBAA GROUP Competence in Web Development

Featured PHP Web Development Expertise

CMS customization and enhancement, video streaming and real time communication, social functionality, eCommerce and payment gateway integration
Featured Java Web Development Expertise
VoIP and video messaging, custom e-Learning solutions, ad inventory management, customer loyalty and retention programs
Featured .NET Web Development Expertise
Financial data management and analytics, seamless CRM integration, electronic medical record-keeping, enterprise content management software
Featured JavaScript and HTML5 Expertise
Stunning visual effects, advanced data visualization, cutting-edge JavaScript frameworks and libraries, mobile-first and responsive web design 

Custom Web Application Development

The advantage of custom web applications is that they are tailored exactly to the way your business works. Whether you need to build a custom web app from scratch, migrate your legacy backend, or streamline existing front-end functionality, we can accomplish that in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Cloud Development

Cloud computing allows tapping into a pool of resources (including networking, storage, etc.) to quickly scale up as the number of users grows. We are experts at building complex cloud solutions that are highly scalable, optimized for performance, and secure.

Mobile-Friendly Website Development

Want to take the industry by storm? If so, we are your reliable tech partner with a wealth of experience in helping startups. Our engagement model and low-risk approach will help reduce time to market, optimize your budget, and ensure 100% IPR protection of your code.

 Advertising Technology

Advertising Solutions That Respond to Tomorrow’s Challenges

Multi Layout
Creative Idea
Target Buyers
Reach Top
  1. Media and Entertainment Solutions
  2. Custom Software for Banking and Finance
  3. Real-Time and WebRTC Application Development
  4. Custom IT Solutions for Healthcare


If you go to Google and type the term SERP Management, or the term Web Development Services, or even the term Maximum Keyword Effectiveness, you'll find KOBBAA GROUP Web Design leading the way.
The reason for this is that our experience in the SEO/SEM industry empowers our team to create and optimize web pages and content that quickly move up in the SERPs.

SERP stands for Search Engine Results Page.
SERP Management or SEO SERP Management refers to web page and content optimization strategies and techniques used to promote your website’s position within a search index.
A simple approach to latent semantic indexing and analysis.. is there ever really such a thing? We believe there is. Our approach to search engine optimization is very straight forward and direct. Studies show that use of concise, highly descriptive content results in outstanding search engine result positioning, and ultimately results in more traffic.
Our websites maximize search engine result positioning potential by first building on W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) standards based markup code which we continuously validate during development. Code structures and syntax are very important SEO matrices. 

We also employ xhtml standards to ensure compatibility between devices and browsers. Then we tailor your content to be more appealing to the search engines.
One example of this tailoring is a technique called “Absolute Positioning”. Absolute positioning allows large amounts of text to be placed at the top of your source code, before other scripts and html code regardless of where that text content is displayed to the rendered page.
Techniques like absolute positioning and others ensure that your content is delivered to the search engines in the most desirable manner.
Read below for more on just how KOBBAA GROUP Web Design does SEO right.

The Right Stuff


 We make certain that your public domain is referenced by one DNS zone record only. By default your website would be available by either address, or A quick 301 redirect in the .htaccess file points any traffic requesting “” to “”.
 Many terms may be related to your site that are searched a bit less frequently but can result in greater visit to conversion ratios. Your domain authority is put to good use when you create long tail search terms. Specific data is concise data.

Local Business Targeting with Geo-Tags

Take advantage of your business address by adding its longitude and latitude to your website using geo-location meta tags (geo-tags). The result will be that your website will show up higher in the SERPs for people who are geographically close to you.

Keyword Discovery and Market Analysis

Which words work best? Through use of common, often free tools and a bit of industry research, your most effective terms are easily discovered. Additionally, these keywords can be applied to structure elements including the Page Title, URL or Directory Silo, and the Header Text also referred to as the H1 tag.
Including keywords in each of these three structure elements assures a maximum keyword effectiveness index rating. 

Concise File Naming Conventions

Concise is the objective. To further help the search bots position your pages, name them as specifically as possible. By using a file name that contains keywords, your page is considered by the search engines to be more authoritative than if the file name were just something like index.php?id=123.
Techniques like these along with others, absolutely result in better positioning of your web pages on Google, Bing and Yahoo. 



Applied to the cutting edge of technology
We believe that a website is a powerful entity capable of representing an idea, a person, a com5pany, a service or a product. Being that a website has such potential, in order to design such an advanced system, sometimes it becomes beneficial to look at it from a psychological perspective. After all, a web presence is always intended to engage a person’s psyche and ultimately incite (or excite) them to confidently invest their time or hard earned dollars.

Inherently, web development is a culmination of marketing and application programming. The marketing aspect follows many traditional approaches to understanding a target audience and how to appeal to them. Similarly, the programming aspect should also adhere strictly to the current industry standards as well as trusted logical programming conventions. 

Marketing is involved in two primary capacities; SEO and User Experience. It’s the design team’s job to create the overall experience for the visitor. It’s the SERP Management Team’s job to get the website indexed by the search engines and organically positioned in the search results as high as possible.

We create more than just websites. Our ultimate design and development goal is to create an enjoyable and informative interactive user experience through easy-to-use navigation and attractive graphics.

So it is our philosophy that in today’s business environment your website can be one of your most powerful marketing tools where in some cases, respective clients will be meeting you for the first time.

In a world (wide web) where you get about three seconds to capture the attention of your audience, it becomes imperative to use captivating colors, concise text, thought-provoking images and consistent graphic layouts. 

A sound web development philosophy such as ours can yield an effective internet presence that’s useful, profitable and enjoyable. 

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